Craziness abound

Hey ya’ll

craziness abound here. so here’s a rundown of what’s happened recently and what’s going on as we speak:

1. worked 53 hours last week on top of class. gahh!

2. my roommate Julie left me for a little bit to take part in her sister’s wedding (MAZELS!!!). she’s back now…and has a new boyfriend!!!!!!!! so adorbs 🙂

3. after work on sunday, hung out by my friend derek’s place….until it was like 6am. crashed at his place for like 1.5 hours before driving the five minutes back to my apartment and going to work at 11am. long as day.

4. one of my contacts fell out yesterday on my drive to work, so i worked with only one eye in all of yesterday.

5. my roommate Bri officially left this morning (self termed. Disney just wasn’t the place for her)

6. WE’RE GETTING A NEW ROOMMATE IN LIKE 45 MINUTES!! Don’t even get a day to mourn Bri leaving. We’re speculating things about her; but all we know is her first name. so we’re crazy cleaning and rushing to organize life so we don’t make the worst first impression on her. but unless she’s an international programmer or something i think she just turned 21 and is moving into non-wellness housing (21+ housing. basically we can have alcohol).

7. I made steak (technically sirloin or something like that) marinated in like a honey pineapple BBQ glaze or something like that. I just pan seared it (or fried it as my roommate Cassie would say)Image

and rice pilaf 🙂

8. I finally saw the legendary 3 o’clock parade in magic kingdom the other day. New life goal- BE in the 3 o’clock parade

9. my boyfriend finally stood up for himself at work and is putting his apartment together and everything 🙂 so proud and happy for him

10. my class is going to studios on thursdays. we have to go on rides. life is hard isn’t it.

11. all i want in my life is gefilte fish, humus, challah, and alcohol. miss my chabad family ❤

i guess that all for my crash course update 🙂 have fun everyone and don’t forget to make magic!


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