Damn am I exhausted

So tired. I have had to close several wagons over the past several days. Therefore I have have been working very late and not getting enough sleep. Ended up working/earning double-back the other day because I got out so late after extra magic hours and had to come back early. So tiring.

I had to go to Hollywood Studios the other day for class- so much fun! I finally got to do some stuff that I haven’t done yet like: The Great Movie Ride, One Man’s Dream, the Pirates of the Caribbean show thing, the Little Mermaid show, and the Beauty and the Beast show. Did some other things that I normally get to do too. 

Yesterday Victoria, Cassie, and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for National Cheesecake Day. So much fooooood. So good but too much food. We then went shopping after and I finally got my Vera Bradley “Weekender” bag that I have been eyeing for a while! Got it in Ellie Blue or something like that.

I also ordered these Red trim TOMS I fell in love with. Should be here next week I think.

There’s still one more pair of TOMS I want but I’m going to wait on them:

I forgot that costuming closed at 6. Didn’t leave for my shift until 6. Security let me in but I almost majorly screwed up and almost got to work late. Goal: NEVER AGAIN

On my way home, left my phone at the shuttle stop. Drove back at 2:30 to see if it was still there, but it had already been handed in to lost and found by the bus driver. So I had to go to lost and found this morning. Thankfully it was there and everything but it was just too stressful for me to deal with at 3am. Too much stress for one day. Was so pissed and tired to deal with it properly.

So tired. I’m slowly getting some energy back but I haven’t finished my homework due tomorrow. Was having trouble with the website, but I got that working. Now I jsut need to actually do it. LOL it’ll happen at some point tonight.

After finishing it, I found out that Netflix only has the first season of the Magic School Bus. NOT OKAY WITH THIS!! I WANT THE REST OF IT BACK! K? K. thanks 🙂

I started watching Boria on Netflix today too. If this is even a remotely accurate portrayal of Rome during the late 15th century, I am so glad I didn’t actually exist then. Absolutely crazy then. So much for pious celibacy within the Catholic Church… Still there are some (okay, like 2) cast members who are also in Game of Thrones. AWESOME!

I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. Gonna hang out, do homework, eat dinner (at some point) and watch Borgia. Maybe if I finish my homework I’ll go swimming or order Epic Mickey 2 finally! We’ll see.

Night all!


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