Work in Progress

I’m starting to get my life back together, I think. I’ve had a lot of long days at work and have finally been able to get some chores done today that have desperately needed to happen. We found two cockroaches within the past couple of days so massive cleaning had to happen. I think some people have done “massive” cleaning but almost no one is home. Jade and Victoria are away right now (with their families/friends respectively out of state) and Cassie has some of her friends visiting so she’s in the parks or at work all day. Julie doesn’t feel safe at home right now. She’s severely allergic to coconut and Nicole decided to by coconut malibu rum and not tell anyone. They’re having a huge conflict over it (basically Nicole wants people to stop moving her rum around regardless if it kills Julie or not). A report was filed yesterday I think but I haven’t found out anything else so far. Nicole’s psychotic immaturity needs to end. I really wish she didn’t live here.

My red TOMS came in! Love them. Need to stretch out a bit but I like them so far.

Found this new anime that I’m loving: Kaze No Stigma. Go check it out, it’s on Netflix. 

I miss exercising. Need to figure out how to rework it into my schedule. I was following these calendars from (which are pretty awesome, you should check them out). However, for me they’re not working out well. It focuses on one target area (arms, legs, abs, etc) per month, which is a really good technique for a lot of people. However, for me I rather work on multiple areas at once. Looking for something similar but with more variety. Let me know if you see something like this. 

The boyfriend is coming next week!! So excited!! I’ve missed him so much.

Going to continue watching Kaze No Stigma and cook some pasta. Peace out girl scouts.


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