I can’t even

How someone can do this to someone else and not feel bad about it is beyond me. My roommate Julie is epi-pen worthy allergic to coconut. Like everything coconut: fruit, extract, flavoring, sent, everything (the enzyme that makes coconut, coconut). The roommate I don’t like, Nicole, decided to bring home Malibu Coconut Rum and not tell anyone before putting it in the freezer. Now Julie can’t eat or touch anything in the freezer or the kitchen really because of potential contamination, and therefore hasn’t been able to stay here out of concern for her health. She’s already had to epi-pen herself once, and can’t for another two weeks. Nicole still doesn’t understand how severe this allergy is and safety violations/complaints have been filed against her with housing. I wrote a memo in the kitchen informing everyone about the upcoming meeting on Monday with housing/safety people to make sure everyone knew about it. Apparently, she didn’t know. So the three of us had words. Nicole still doesn’t understand, but she dumped out the rum anyways (more out of anger/spite or something like that rather than out of understanding. Situation left hanging until Monday. But seriously, this is bullshit. I can’t even. 

Too angry to work on homework or anything right now. I hate this girl and she needs to leave. Can’t even think straight. This is seriously mind-boggling. 


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