Just an ordinary day

So tired. Been working 50ish hour weeks for a month now. Not getting enough sleep. Coping.

Update on life:
Nicole was forced to move out (YEAY!!) and now we have a new roommate Courtney. She’s nice. A little young/immature but hopefully everyone will get along.

My boyfriend came to visit. YEAY!! Stayed at the Port Orleans, Riverside which was pretty but the breakfast was terrible. And housekeeping didn’t clean 100% but whatever. We got to relax a little bit but I still had to work while he was here. Got to go back to Epcot, drink and eat a bit both at the Japan and Germany pavilions. Found the elusive soda room too! Still can’t get our dream tree house back on Spaceship Earth so we can email it to ourselves (got it the very first time we went on it but didn’t know we could email it to ourselves. so mad!!)…IT WILL HAPPEN!! Also went shopping and got some new vera bradley stuffts.

We contemplated joining Disney Vacation Club (DVC), which is rather affordable, but we need to get our finances in a better place before we can. I’m doing okay, just need to save up more first. I love my boyfriend but it’s finally hit him that he has to take control over his finances; they cannot run themselves. It’ll get there eventually.

Speaking of boyfriend, he hates his job in Michigan because his boss is a bit of a liar and basically an asshole to his friends etc. So he’s breaking his lease and moving back home to Fort Lauderdale on Monday. I’m just glad he’s doing what he needs to do to get his life back on track.

Had a group project. One girl is international (from Japan. She’s absolutely adorable. Love her) who’s English is phenomenal but isn’t at college level writing so major editing had to happen. then the other girl (American from her in Florida somewhere) decided to not reply to emails but still post things occasionally, but never what we needed her to do in a timely manner (if at all). So I made a ghetto bibliography with the few sources she posted online but didn’t properly cite anything and called her out on it in an email to our professor (had to email the professor anyways because I was the one who posted the paper for the group). we’re each getting individual grades on the paper so it’s all on her.

I think I’m developing carpel tunnel/tendinitis problems in my right hand. Been waking up every day now for 3-4 days with my hand numb and it won’t go away. grrr

I’ve been losing weight though since I got here! Last summer I was at like 164-167 lbs. Last I weighed myself (about a week or two ago, would have weighed today but the scale’s battery case is screwed shut and we don’t have a screwdriver small enough) I was at 151 lbs! Yeay!! and I’ve dropped 1-1.5 pants sizes (at least in costuming) and at least one pants size in regular clothes.

I think I’m gonna go for now that I’ve caught the world up on life.
Still need to reintegrate exercise back into my life. not doing well on that account. my b.
Peace ya’ll


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