Just a quick catch up

rundown of everything that has happened recently.

1. cooked lots of food for rosh hashanah. and by cooked I mean overcooked technically.

2. got to work the first mickey’s not so scary halloween party of the year!! sooooo much fun. i totally looked like a 50s housewife gone halloween. pics will come later.

3. i watched this anime called Hakuoki. absolutely amazing. had to watch it twice because it was that good. completely recommend it to anyone. definitely one of my favorites.

In this anime there was a Japanese proverb that stuck out at me: “Good things come to those who smile.” It’s really stuck with me the past several days. I’m trying to make a change in my behavior because it has resonated with me so much. So far I think it’s working. So this is what I leave you with on the eve of Yom Kippur.

I wish you all the best in this next year, have an easy fast all, and remember, “good things come to those who smile”

g’mar chatima tova.


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