It’s been a while

It’s been a little while hasn’t it.

High holidays went well. Spent time at the Chabad of UCF for Yom Kippur. Lots of people, and lots of fun 🙂

My parents and brother came to visit for my birthday. We went to Not So Scary on Sunday the 29th and it was a blast. Got sooooooo much candy. We went to Food and Wine at Epcot too. SO GOOD SO MUCH FOOD. And we did Mission: Space, which I’ve never done before but was wicked awesome. Free fast-pass because it was my birthday. My parents finally understand why the Japan pavilion is my favorite. Food and merch for the win. Ate dinner at Teppan Edo (hibachi) and got a sake-rita. A margarita made with sake. GREATEST THING EVER! I love Epcot so much.

Mariah Carey and Johnny Depp have both been at Magic Kingdom recently. Didn’t see them but thought it was cool (Mariah was a bitch apparently though)

I’m a trainer now at work! Originally I was only going to train stockers but I think I’m training vendors now too. Got my training pin 4 months to the day since starting with the company 🙂

My apartment is giving me anxiety. First, took forever for housing to do our inspections (seriously who has them every month??) and then they failed part of our rooms for stupid stuff like not taking out the trash daily and for not having the sink sparkle. Also some people don’t do their chores in a timely manner. Okay, I admit I’m really bad with things like floors and counters (but hey I just bought us a vacuum so it’ll get better). But serious: trash, recycling, dishes! THOSE NEED TO BE DONE DAILY or rather as soon as they get full be it daily or every-other-day…don’t care just make it happen! Some of my roommates are better at it than others. Either way it needs to happen.

I also don’t have enough storage space. Granted it’s my fault Julie and I got a small closet (didn’t realize room w/ biggest closet might be better than the one of the living room, but hey at least we don’t wake everyone up when we come home from work at 4am). Either way I feel like our closet can’t hold all of our (my really) stuff well.

Also, when my program “ends” in January I don’t know where I’m going to live necessarily. I’m extending and probably staying in ODF (we’ll see if I stay in ODF but now that I’m a trainer, probably will) so now the question is do I stay in CP housing or not. The smartest thing financially would be to stay but this college-dorm thing is really killing me. I’m also probably not living with anyone I’m living with now even though we talked about it earlier. Jade can’t extend anymore and has to go back to finish school anyways. Cassie is finishing school then probably doing a professional internship. Courtney (who I doubt I would want to live with anymore anyways) is going back to finish school too. Victoria is moving back north (I think) and Julie is extending but going to live with a friend from work in a 1-bedroom. So don’t know where that leaves me but I need to figure it out soon. I don’t think I want to live in a 3-bedroom again (and definitely not a 4-bedroom). So that leaves a 2- or 1-bed. Complex? Any? I live in Chatham right now and it’s alright. It’s wicked close to Publix which is good (so is Paterson and Commons). Paterson is “like a retirement home.” So ehh maybe. Maybe Commons because they have the 1-bed and the laundry in room? Plus that’s where a lot of the international students stay (not all but a lot) so that could potentially be fun. But it’s like $10-15/week more and is that worth it? Vista is where all the parties and where most of my friends now live but they’re all done come January so I don’t know if it’s worth moving there. I still have a little bit to decide. Can’t even apply to extend for another week or two.

I think I’m going to make some coffee, clean, and do some lunch before work. Hopefully that will help.