I love Disney, don’t get me wrong

I love Disney, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not 100% sure that after my extension I want to stay here. I don’t know if this is stemming completely from the fact I got a ticket the other day from a dick of a cop or because I actually have serious problems here in Florida.

1. Make magic
2. Warm weather
3. Boyfriend not terribly far away (only like 3.5 hours away)
4. Disney benefits (health plan- once I’m full time anyways, park admissions, discounts etc.)
5. Pools everywhere.
6. Can move around/serious opportunity for growth

Cons (about Disney and Florida):
1. Dick cops
2. Terrible drivers (tourists!)
3. Weather. Summer way to hot and rains too much. Winter still too warm. There is no Fall or Spring. Just hot and wet or just hot/warm. It cools off a little at night but I still overheat in a sweatshirt.
4. I can’t paint my nails (work in food)
5. I can’t wear the clothes I want to. At work I only wear my costumes and on my days off I tend to just wear comfy clothes because I only end up leaving my apartment to go to the grocery story or do laundry. Even so it’s still too hot to wear the clothes I really want to wear (like sweaters, jeans, boots, blazers etc. you know, typical fall clothes).
6. Barely any Jewish community around here (seemingly). Even so, don’t have time to dedicate to my Judaism/Jewish-ness while working for Disney anyways. Work is too much of a time suck. 
7. I’ve become practically nocturnal. Work afternoons/nights, can’t see/talk to friends much because they all work when I’m available and vice versa. 
8. No routine or sleep schedule. Even if I tried to establish one, it is impossible to create one. My work schedule changes too much.
9.Not guaranteed days off, ever, even when requested.
10. Bugs (bed bugs, roaches etc) everywhere.

If I stayed (part time/full time) with Disney, where would I want to go within the company? No idea there. If I left, where would I move? My boyfriend just moved back down here. Plus, what kind of jobs would I look for? What am I qualified for? Do I want to stay in Disney because I love it here or because it’s convenient and I’m comfortable? Should I take now to travel and explore or save money and work?


Thoughts? Help? Advice?


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