Long-Awaited New Years Post

Welcome to 2014!

Lots of changes have happened. Well, really only one major change:
I have a new apartment that I share with my two friends Sydney and Karlie! NO MORE CP HOUSING!!!! So lots of new furniture and responsibilities now that I actually have to pay bills/rent and such. Just sucks my student loans have kicked in on top of it. Ugh so expensive.

On the train of thought from my last post, my boyfriend and I are really tired of this long distance thing. It’s stressing us out and the fact I’m on such an opposite schedule from him isn’t helping. And because of student loans, credit cards, and rent money is really tight right now, so as much as I love Disney, I don’t think I can stay here. I mean I would stay seasonal but I need a salaried, stable income with stable hours. Most full-time people, from what I understand unless they’re management, still work hourly and I can’t handle that stress right now, especially because they aren’t getting the full 40-hours; they’re only guaranteed something like 32-hours. I’m basically working full-time hours right now (at a slightly lower pay grade) but I’m still struggling to get by. My mental health and my checking account can’t handle that.

Right now work is in a weird transition anyway because all of the Fall/Fall Advantage kids have left (except for those like me who extended) but the new CPs/ICPs have barely arrived. So all the full-time stockers are working later into the day and they have no idea what they’re doing (because they haven’t closed since training, they usually open or work mid day shifts). That and the park closes wicked early during the week and then is open late on weekends which is messing everyone’s’ schedule up. I mean we’re used to longer weekends but the difference is almost staggering. Then between cotton candy issues, cold (for Florida) weather, and hot chocolate nights, let’s just say it’s been stressful. All in all I think I’m just tired. I love ODF, don’t get me wrong, but I’m tired. Tired of doing the same thing every day, dealing with people (cast members) asking stupid questions and not knowing what’s going on. I don’t mind it if they’re new but some of these people have been here for months and they’re still asking these questions. On top of the “office drama” that’s going on, I’m done with it.

The other thing is my boyfriend has a really awesome secure job with insane room for growth. And he and his best friend have this kick-starter going with the eventual hopes (several years from now) to be self-employed. Right now he needs to be down in Ft. Lauderdale and it wouldn’t be a smart idea to ask him to move again.

Originally we were thinking about moving together (either up here to Orlando or down to Ft. L) once my lease was up in January, but it might make sense financially and for our relationship for it to happen once my program ends in May, if I can secure a job before I the program ends. I would hate to leave Karlie and Sydney, because they’re awesome friends and roommates, especially because I’d be leaving them hanging a bit on the lease. Once a decision has been made (which it hasn’t yet) and assuming I’m heading to Ft L, I’m going to let them know with more than plenty of time to find someone to take over my place on the lease. I’m not a dick and would never leave them struggling like that.

And if I DO end up moving to Ft. L, I need a job. Not just a job, but a salaried position with career potential. In what field? I don’t know. I thought about going back and getting my teaching certifications, but I have so many issues with the American education system I don’t know if I want to anymore. Plus I don’t think I can afford the exams nor can I afford to go back and get my masters within the next 5 years. I don’t know if that rule is in FL or if it was just a MA/NY thing but I can’t take on more student debt right now. Then I swing back to the museum idea, but there aren’t a lot of museums in the Ft. L area. I mean there are a few but there’s no openings or only volunteer opportunities, rather than employment. I found one part-time gig I’m eligible for but again, that’s part time. Found some stuff in the general search I just conducted through local universities but we’ll see if any job postings will be up come May. Even then I’m not qualified for most of them (too poor to get a Masters, not like I want one right now anyways and I have no desire to write a thesis). So ruling out education and museums (temporarily at least) due to the lack of paying jobs I’m qualified for, what then? I hate retail and don’t mind the food industry (hosting/serving) but like I said, I really need something salaried.

On other notes, 2 of our friends are getting married here in Disney in like 1.5 weeks!!! Just need to get my shoes and I’ll be all set! My boyfriend is a groomsman so I’ve coordinated an outfit with the bride that will go but not match the bridal parties’ outfits. So excited! 🙂

While I was out shopping the other day, a sales associate gave me a phenomenal idea, create an email address specifically for coupons/shopping separate from school/professional/personal emails. I feel like this is almost a duh! moment or common sense but I guess I never put 2 and 2 together. So I made one 🙂 and have switched most of my coupons over to it (or at least have tried to).

Read (and finished) Victoria Roth’s Divergent trilogy last week. SO GOOD!!! Relatively quick read, but well written. Plays a lot on utopic/dystopic, idealistic, and nature/nurture themes. Plus the first movie is coming out in a few months, so if you’re interestred definitely pick it up! (Or download it like I did onto my new Nook SimpleTouch with Glow-Light that I got from my sister for Chanukah!)

Still reading Game of Thrones, long and detailed but good. In the middle of thee second book. Soon hopefully I’ll be caught up to where I was in the TV show. Still half a season behind and the fourth season airs in a few months too!! GAH!

Either way, probably time for me to get things done today, or at least contemplate what to make for dinner. Later ya’ll.