Things are Finally Coming ‘Round

I did it! I made the move to Southern Florida and I now live happily with my boyfriend.

My resume needed a major overhaul but I was FINALLY OFFERED A JOB ON FRIDAY! So excited!!! I’m going to be a Barista at a local Starbucks 🙂

Originally I [thought] I wanted a stereotypical office 9-5 job but I realized a lot about myself over the past few months job hunting.
1. I love food and beverage as much as it loves me, and as often as I try to leave, I always come back.
2. I need a fast-paced work environment. I can’t sit bored at a desk all day, it’s just not me.
3. I need a work environment that has some stability and repetition, but still varies day to day. Kind of like a play: you know what to do and the script generally stays the same day to day but the every night the production is different.
4. I want a place to grow. I’m a loyal employee and I want to work in a place that appreciates and encourages that (which both Starbucks and Disney do, so there’s a win all around).


Last weekend my boyfriend and I flew to Texas for our friends’ wedding. It was very nice and pretty (even though I got pelted with lavender, which I’m allergic to). My boyfriend was the Best Man so we got there on Thursday to help with setting up and to be there in time for the rehearsal Friday morning. The wedding itself took place Saturday night. We flew back Sunday night and are immensely grateful to two of our friends who grabbed lunch with us, helped return the groomsmen suits, and drove us to the airport. We had rented a van with the bride, groom, MoH and her boyfriend, all of whom were sharing a house with us, the bride’s parents, and sisters, all of whom were staying until Monday. So until our friends volunteered, we weren’t sure how we were going to get back. Didn’t know who was going to pick us up when we got there on Thursday but it turns out the grooms parents arrived a little before we did so they took care of us.

And took care of us well they did. His parents and their friends are some of the kindest people ever and will do anything they can to help you. And they feed you more than all the food (and drinks) you will ever need.


I’m finally going to start posting about my crafting/Pinterest attempts so keep an eye out for that.

I guess that’s all for now folks.


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