My First Craft

Like I said, I’m finally going to post about things I’ve attempted from Pinterest. I have this pinned in a few places I believe but this is from my board about Apartments/Dorms/Small living. It’s a Take-Out Menu Box! The original is in the link below:

For me I wanted a cute place to hold all of our take-out menus/coupons and such so that we don’t lose them. Mine is like 95% complete. I just want to glue a piece of black felt to the back to stop it from scraping our coffee table but I don’t have a glue gun yet so that’ll wait.

I went to Michaels and purchased some paint, cheap brushes, and a wooden box that opened like a book. Cost like $15/$20 I think.

I forgot to take pictures while it was in progress but here’s the final product!

Flash on, Flash off, Side/spine, and Inside. I used satin acrylic paint on wood except for the inside brown, which was Crayola brand paint.

P1010993P1010994P1010995  P1010996


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