Tech ‘Date: New Phone

A few weeks ago I upgraded from my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to the new

Google Nexus 5

So far I absolutely love it!! I already have most of my stuff synced up with Google anyways (gmail, cal, etc) so to have all my google apps already there with virtually none of the stuff I never use (like the Samsung company apps/store) on there was amazing. It’s already unlocked, because even if you buy it from Verizon, TMobile, ATT etc, it’s still direct from Google and doesn’t need to be “personalized” for each company. This means if you ever switch providers in the middle of your contract, you can still use the same phone! I’d call that a win.

The screen and phone size is comparable (okay the screen is a bit bigger) to the Galaxy S3 so in terms of comfort level and ease of use, it was spot on. The newer Samsungs (and don’t even get me started on the iPhones) are just too big for me to use comfortably, especially because I have short thumbs. The speakers and call quality are awesome too! The camera is awesome, GPS is accurate and doesn’t need to be turned on or off to conserve battery power, it’s only engaged when using an app that taps into it. I can easily access all my music and movies (well most of my movies, some are unfortunately only in iTunes) through Google Play associated apps, and the battery life is pretty awesome.

All in all it’s a wonderful fit.

In short, I love my new phone.

I guess my one criticism would be that when I am using the speaker phone, the people I’m talking to have trouble hearing me unless the mouthpiece is basically touching my mouth. Part of that might be the case I have (Spigen Slim Armor Case in champagne gold, which I also love and highly recommend) which protects my phone so well it might be impeding on its functionality. However, it might be just how the phone is made. I’m not about to be the one to test this theory. I refuse to take my phone out of the case unless I have to because my S3 broke because it was in my pocked without a case. Moral of the story: always invest in a quality case if you have an expensive phone.

Hope this helps you in your phone search.


Birthday and My Life, a small update

It’s my birthday!! YEAY! My boyfriend is apparently cooking me dinner. We’re also going to go out to the Morikami Japanese Museum and Gardens (again, we go a lot) at some point, but between Yom Kippur this weekend and stuff with my boyfriend’s dad, we’re going to hold off until we have the time to go out properly. He might also have some other things up his sleeve, but those are being kept under wraps for the time being.

We’re also planning on going to Morikami’s annual Lanturn festival in mid-October. So excited! We also finally booked our tickets to head back to Disney for Epcot’s Food and Wine festival and so I can pick up some hours at Magic Kingdom. GAHH CAN’T WAIT! FINALLY HAPPENING!

Basically October is going to be epic.

I also got to catch up with my Rebbetzin, which I really needed. Beyond being a great friend, I am so thankful I can turn to her for advice in dealing with various situations and she’s always willing to listen. Between job hunting and ill friends, I am happy, relieved, and grateful that she has my back and knows what I need to hear.

Finally to end my post, I totally just had the best snack a few minutes ago that I needed to share with all of you: a sliced honey-crisp apple dipped/drizzled with honey. So perfect and emotionally satisfying, especially during this Rosh Hashanah.

Happy new year everyone and g’mar chatimah tova!

Cherry Blossom Tree (Pinterest success!)

I finally got around to making one of my longtime favorite Pinterest pins: a Cherry blossom tree painting!

All I needed was some paint, a canvas, and a soda bottle (I used a smaller seltzer bottle because my canvas is smaller than the one depicted on Pinterest). I just used the black and pink that I already had, so it came out a bit darker than I probably would have preferred, but I think it’ll be nice once it finished drying.



Hope you enjoy and go off to make art of your own!

Apartment Decorating!

My boyfriend and I have a bulkhead over our kitchen that really needed some pizzazz. Originally he wanted to paint above it, but I was worried about having to paint it when we move out. It’s also really high up so painting safely was a huge concern for me. I was also worried we wouldn’t have enough paint to do all the walls we wanted too (we were planning on using some leftover paint he had from his old apartment).

Our dilemma was solved, however, when we were inspired by a set of art that Thom Filicia did on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (currently being watched on Netflix). He took a series of canvases and painted them a solid color (red I believe) and lined up vertically to give the room lots of color without painting the space. So we kind of did a similar thing. Instead of red, we used a blue/aqua/teal color that match a set of throw pillows we bought at Ikea. That, and we lined them up horizontally on the bulk head, bookended by a set of lanterns also from Ikea.

Michaels had an end of season sale on a bunch of Artist’sLoft brand materials, including canvases, paint, and brushes, which allowed us to be able to afford to do the project. We bought 3 24″x36″ level 1 canvases, 3 bottles of their Metalic Cobalt Blue (which ended up being too much but that just means we can use it for future projects), and some larger synthetic brushes, so we could paint more quickly.

Then after dinner (did take-out pizza as a treat), we sat down in our living room and began painting! And we managed to get all three done in a couple hours (if even that long).

Our final product, including the pillows that inspired us to begin with:




Hope you too can find new ways of adding color without permanently painting walls, especially in a rental space.

Hamburger Night

My boyfriend and I embarked on an epic HAMBURGER NIGHT! Including making homemade burgers, fries, and cookies.

So here we go!

Hamburger. My boyfriend made these in our skillet/frying pan (we’re not allowed grills and haven’t gotten a grill pan yet). We used either 80/20 or 85/15 ground beef, ground pepper, garlic, salt (or more likely garlic salt), and I think he added onion powder and sriracha sauce (which he puts on everything). And we used buns from the Publix bakery:





I was in charge of the fries and the cookies. I used really big white/yellow potatoes, which probably was a mistake, but they came out really nice anyways. I got to fry (using vegetable oil) them in our awesome new Ikea wok. I added freshly ground salt after using our Mickey salt grider/shaker that I bought my boyfriend in Disney as a housewarming gift (also have the pepper one too).

IMG_20140913_191501  IMG_20140913_191509  IMG_20140913_191522IMG_20140913_191513 IMG_20140913_192924_nopm_

Now to be honest the cookies weren’t homemade. We bought the Publix Greenwise cookies that you break apart and put in the oven. I think we baked them for a little too long but otherwise they came out wonderfully. They weren’t overly sweet but still nice.

IMG_20140913_191437 IMG_20140913_191445

Hope you enjoyed and take this as an inspiration to do some home cooking of your own.

Text Art Painting (Pinterest almost success!)

In another attempt at Pinterest art, I decided to make a quote painting that showed the colors underneath where you peal the stickers off of. Original pin that inspired me can be found here.

I decided to use one of my favorite R. W. Emerson quotes for this piece, “The earth laughs in flowers.”

I also used a bunch of stuff I purchased from Michaels (paint, canvases, stickers, new brushes).

This is what it looked like before I added the stickers and top coat:


And completed:


For me it wasn’t a total success, nor a total failure. I ended up painting over the stickers too much; so paint ended up underneath and in some areas was too difficult to pull up cleanly. Next time I will sponge or dab the paint over the stickers instead of brush- painting, which is what I did this time.

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be adding a bunch of stuff soon (and nothing to do with my lack of exercise. lol).

Shana tova/Happy new year everyone!