Apartment Decorating!

My boyfriend and I have a bulkhead over our kitchen that really needed some pizzazz. Originally he wanted to paint above it, but I was worried about having to paint it when we move out. It’s also really high up so painting safely was a huge concern for me. I was also worried we wouldn’t have enough paint to do all the walls we wanted too (we were planning on using some leftover paint he had from his old apartment).

Our dilemma was solved, however, when we were inspired by a set of art that Thom Filicia did on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (currently being watched on Netflix). He took a series of canvases and painted them a solid color (red I believe) and lined up vertically to give the room lots of color without painting the space. So we kind of did a similar thing. Instead of red, we used a blue/aqua/teal color that match a set of throw pillows we bought at Ikea. That, and we lined them up horizontally on the bulk head, bookended by a set of lanterns also from Ikea.

Michaels had an end of season sale on a bunch of Artist’sLoft brand materials, including canvases, paint, and brushes, which allowed us to be able to afford to do the project. We bought 3 24″x36″ level 1 canvases, 3 bottles of their Metalic Cobalt Blue (which ended up being too much but that just means we can use it for future projects), and some larger synthetic brushes, so we could paint more quickly.

Then after dinner (did take-out pizza as a treat), we sat down in our living room and began painting! And we managed to get all three done in a couple hours (if even that long).

Our final product, including the pillows that inspired us to begin with:




Hope you too can find new ways of adding color without permanently painting walls, especially in a rental space.


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