Tech ‘Date: New Phone

A few weeks ago I upgraded from my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to the new

Google Nexus 5

So far I absolutely love it!! I already have most of my stuff synced up with Google anyways (gmail, cal, etc) so to have all my google apps already there with virtually none of the stuff I never use (like the Samsung company apps/store) on there was amazing. It’s already unlocked, because even if you buy it from Verizon, TMobile, ATT etc, it’s still direct from Google and doesn’t need to be “personalized” for each company. This means if you ever switch providers in the middle of your contract, you can still use the same phone! I’d call that a win.

The screen and phone size is comparable (okay the screen is a bit bigger) to the Galaxy S3 so in terms of comfort level and ease of use, it was spot on. The newer Samsungs (and don’t even get me started on the iPhones) are just too big for me to use comfortably, especially because I have short thumbs. The speakers and call quality are awesome too! The camera is awesome, GPS is accurate and doesn’t need to be turned on or off to conserve battery power, it’s only engaged when using an app that taps into it. I can easily access all my music and movies (well most of my movies, some are unfortunately only in iTunes) through Google Play associated apps, and the battery life is pretty awesome.

All in all it’s a wonderful fit.

In short, I love my new phone.

I guess my one criticism would be that when I am using the speaker phone, the people I’m talking to have trouble hearing me unless the mouthpiece is basically touching my mouth. Part of that might be the case I have (Spigen Slim Armor Case in champagne gold, which I also love and highly recommend) which protects my phone so well it might be impeding on its functionality. However, it might be just how the phone is made. I’m not about to be the one to test this theory. I refuse to take my phone out of the case unless I have to because my S3 broke because it was in my pocked without a case. Moral of the story: always invest in a quality case if you have an expensive phone.

Hope this helps you in your phone search.


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