I got crafty again

I had an idea. i have been in love with this series of paintings that I discovered on Pinterest of a single tree depicted in all four seasons, or at least that’s how it can be interpreted. I love the pieces and have wanted to do something similar to it. Well, earlier I posted about a Cherry blossom tree I painted, inspired by a post on Pinterest that I was in love with, and I thought, why not do 3 more trees in the same style but with different colored leaves for the other seasons! So that’s what I did. This was seriously one of the fastest crafts I have ever done.

I used canvases from a set that I bought at Michaels, Crayola paint (leftover from my boyfriend’s Halloween costume a few years back), and my black acrylic paint that I use for everything. To paint the leaves on I used a small (empty) seltzer bottle, which I rinsed off really quick when changing colors.

They didn’t come out identical by any means but I hope you enjoy.


I hope this helps you to create something inspired by your favorite pieces. Even though they might not look the same, you can still make them convey the same meaning.


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