My Birthday continued

So yesterday was my birthday and it was wonderful and adorable.

My boss brought in a cake and balloon for me, and everyone (including our customers) sang happy birthday to me. It was so cute. Thanks everyone!

Then my boyfriend came home and gave me a bunch of stuff for my birthday! He got me this crazy awesome glue gun, not the little crafting one I had been eyeing, but a powerful one that I can use wood glue on too! And he got me an cute origami book, tons of origami paper, and some really pretty alphabet stencils. Now I can do ALL THE CRAFTING!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Finally he made me the most wonderful dinner (complete with a chocolate ganache cake from Publix): Sesame chicken!

The recipe we use came from this blog called serious eats and it’s amazing.

Here’s the link to the full recipe

We’ve made a few small changes, to the recipe, substituting things like rum for vodka when we’re out, using dry sherry instead of Shaoxing wine, some fresh ingredients for dried (only because we just didn’t have them…I’m talking about you minced ginger).

The recipe calls for a lot of prep-work, so if you’re prepared for that, it’s totally worth it. We also just threw some rice in our rice cooker to complement it. We get short grained rice at a local Asian supermarket instead of long grain because it’s easier for us to cook and, personally, we like the taste better. Our rice cooker we bought on Amazon for like $25-$35 I believe. It can make white or brown rice, and has a removable trey above it to steam vegetables in. If you eat a lot of rice (or want to) but aren’t sure how to cook it: invest in a good rice cooker, and it’ll solve a lot of you’re problems (as long as you follow the directions).

Now armed and ready with new crafting tools and some amazing left overs, onto my next task: GILMORE GIRLS ON NETFLIX!


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