We’re going back to DISNEY!

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend and I are going back to Disney in a couple weeks!!!!! GAHH SO EXCITED!! We’re going for a long weekend essentially (Saturday-Monday).

We’re planning on leaving very early Saturday morning so we can get there and go to Epcot for the Food and Wine festival, one of our favorite events.

As a seasonal cast member, I have to work a minimum of 150 hours a year to remain employed by Disney. So I should be schedule some hours that Sunday. And if not, I’ll pick something up from a fellow cast member who wants/needs to give a shift away. While I’m working Kass (my boyfriend) will probably go to Universal (we’re annual passholders there), or hang out in Downtown Disney. Basically he’s free to do whatever he wants.

Before we come back that Monday we’re going to Universal and see the new Harry Potter World Diagon Alley extension, and probably say hi to some of my friends working there.

We got a fantastic deal to stay at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter resort, which we’ve never stayed at before. It’s themed like [stereotypical] downtown New Orleans, very mardi gras and jazzy.

My boyfriend and I have a goal of (eventually) staying at every single Disney Resort. Our very first trip we went to Disney’s Coronado Springs, which has been one of our favorites. We’ve also stayed at the All Star Sport’s Resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Beach Club (for our friends’ wedding back in February), Port Orleans Riverside, and the Art of Animation Resort. Art of Animation is definitely the best value resort, hands down. Very colorful, family friendly, and we just love it. The Beach Club was alright, but not our personal taste. Port Orleans Riverside was very pretty, and not a terrible deal. All Star Sports (and all the All Star resorts really) are a little bit dated, but they’re cute and family friendly. They’re in the process of redoing all their food courts. Last year they did the food court at All Star Sports, and now they’re doing the one at All Star Music (which I stayed at when I first came to Disney when I was 7. I haven’t stayed there with my boyfriend so we’re not putting it on the list). I think All Star Movie’s food court will be done next year (if they haven’t already done it). Animal Kingdom Lodge was awesome, and totally worth the money (it’s a deluxe resort).

I can’t wait to go back. As crazy as working there is, I really miss it. Once a cast member, always a cast member.


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