Today I received a set of boxes from my parents, containing my birthday gift(s). The main part of the gift is a computer. The computer belonged to my grandmother, who passed away this past February. As happy as I am to receive this gift all I can think about it my grandmother. I miss her so much. I didn’t get to see her a lot growing up, because she lived a good 6-8 hour drive from us.

She was my last living grandparent and I wish I had called her more, that I had spent more time with her. This is true of all my grandparents but she was my last living one.

I remember her kindness. I remember sitting on her back porch learning to weave from her, while my grandfather read the paper. I remember her smile, and how happy she was to hear and see us, whenever we were there.

I’m sorry. I am so sorry I didn’t call or visit more. I wish we could have had more time.

I will treasure this gift, just like all my others from her because it’s one of the last physical connections I have with her. I cherish my car for the same reason, but with my other grandmother.

So please learn from my regrets. If you still have any of your grandparents, call them or visit them. I wish I could have done it more.

Thank you to my aunt, for deciding that she would rather have a laptop than a desktop, which allowed me to inherit this gift. And thank you to my parents, for shlepping it from C-west to C-east and then shipping it to me (along with several books, spices, and other stuff).


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