Home Decor: Dining Table Edition

In an effort to reduce clutter in our dining room, and add color to our space, my boyfriend and I have created a “display” dining set up! Kind of what you see on HGTV or in staged homes. Our dining table is no where near as elaborate but we’re slowly working towards it.

We used 2 place-mat sets from IKEA, one in green and one in a cream/white. The green set we already had, but were missing one of four, which prompted us to by a second complementary set. We also used a set of brown rectangular plates and two sets of bowls (one green and one cream/grey/tan); all from IKEA. I bet you can sense a theme 😉 The blue and gold napkins we actually purchased from Marshalls/Homegoods. As of right now, we do not have any flat wear to display, although I’m sure we could, we have plenty. Instead of traditional glasses, each place set has a sake cup, either blue or brown/gold.

Our centerpiece(s) consist of the matching blue sake cups and pitcher/pourer/vase. It also has the blue trivet that I made earlier, a [temporary] chopstick holder, and our Mickey Salt and Pepper grinders.

We plan on slowly adding to it, to make it more functional and pretty.

Photos are posted below, and I hope you liked it! If you struggle with dining room clutter, this might be a fun, motivating way to clean up, organize, and show off your decorating skills to your friends.






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