Naco Night!

Okay, not really Nacos, for those who remember Disney’s Kim Possible. Heck, what I’m sharing isn’t even technically a taco, but rather a beef queadilla but oh well. Taco is easier to say anyways.

What you will need is ground beef! (I usually get 80/20 or 85/15, whichever is on sale). I’ll also get the Mexican-cheese blend from your local supermarket (or the fake/non-dairy cheese to make this kosher!) and some tortillas. I prefer smaller corn tortillas (which is more traditional), but my boyfriend prefers larger flour tortillas. So this time I compromised and got smaller flour tortillas.

I break it up and brown it in a skillet on medium heat with garlic salt (or salt and garlic powder. doesn’t matter which), black pepper, onion powder, cumin, and chili powder. For some extra kick, especially when my boyfriend is cooking, we’ll add a little sriracha sauce (because we add sriracha to almost everything).

Drain the meat, so it’s not so greasy. Don’t put the fat down the drain/disposal if you can help it. That’s how you gum them up. I try to have an empty can leftover from another cooking project to drain it into.

If you’re lucky enough to have a gas stove/cooktop. I like to heat up my tortillas (CORN ONES!!) over the flame for a minute or two on each side. You can set them aside on a plate in between the layers of a clean kitchen/hand towel to keep them warm until serving.

If I’m doing refried beans (which I didn’t do the other night, but I’ll share anyways), I take the lazy way out and get the Old El Paso canned stuff and microwave it. I usually get the traditional or reduced fat one.

It’s a quick easy simple meal that will leave you leftovers for the next day. But seriously, who doesn’t like taking tacos to work the next day?



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