Starbucks Closed, OH NO!!

Yeah, so we had a rather entertaining day at work today. I opened with my shift, and when we came in, we noticed we didn’t have full electrical power. We had enough power to run everything in the back of the store, like computers, fridges, freezers, and the music, but that was basically it. The AC was out, the POS system off, the espresso machines wouldn’t turn on, the under-the-bar fridges were too warm….you get the idea. So we at least set up our outdoor chairs and tables but that was all we really could do until the electric came back on and while we awaited the decision from management over if we should close or not.

By the time our manager arrived, two other baristas had shown up, and our manager had us deep cleaning the whole store. Fridges, bathrooms, display cases…everything we could think of got deep cleaned. At this point our power still hadn’t been fixed so we just hung out outside, telling people we were closed; and our manager bought us breakfast too so we enjoyed that.

Turns out most of the stores in our half of the plaza had little or no power, so most stores were closed or running minimal operations. As much as it sucks to not earn tips or get my full hours or anything, it was definitely an entertaining day to say the least. Some of our cafe lights did work, so customers were confused why we weren’t open, why they couldn’t get a frappuchino or anything. I understand the logic, but we seriously couldn’t operate anything. We couldn’t pour espresso shots for heaven’s sake!

Afterwards, my coworker and I hit up the supermarket and hung out by her place doing what else? Coffee masks.

And on my way home this afternoon it didn’t look like power was back on yet.

Oy vey.

At least we had a fun bonding day together!


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