Fridge Purge! And Organizing Said Fridge

My boyfriend and I had a history of forgetting what we have in the fridge and then letting things go bad because we forgot it was there. So, today we purged our fridge of everything that was going bad and stocked up on a bunch of stuff at BJs. In order to keep track of what’s in the fridge to prevent waste, we bought a set of acrylic sheets from Home Depot.

LIFE HACK: Acrylic is usually cheaper than it’s equivalent sized white board. So we put two pieces up using little pieces of 3M Command Strips, one was 8″x10″, for our freezer list, and the other was 11″x14″ which we use to keep track of what’s in the fridge.

Just because I was in a rush, basically everything is written in black. We plan on developing a color system at some point so that we can just visually tell what is in there categorically. Like green for vegetables, red for meat, yellow for dairy etc. Haven’t made it that far but it’s a good start.

Maybe this can help you too!

IMG_20141019_181208      IMG_20141019_181215  IMG_20141019_181246


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