Art Show!

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT Kass and I went to our friend Jon’s art show down in the Wynwood Wearhouse Project! He was one of several featured artists in the show. There was (really loud) music, tons of art, food, and chocolate! Totally had fun. Mostly just walked around and looked at pretty pictures. Out of respect for the artists, I didn’t take pictures, but there was a lot of cool stuff in the show, including some skull-based work Jon did/does, trees/nature pictures, melted crayon art, pencil sketches, and and iconic landscapes. They had several live bands, and since Yoo-hoo and Redbull helped sponsor (I think?) they had free samples and the Yoo-Hoo bunny. An Ecuador-based organic chocolate company was there too. Such good chocolate ohhhh man. Loved their stuff.

Either way, check out my friend Jon’s work here so that way you can get an idea of what some of the show was like.

Have fun all!


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