Just a Life Update

Just a life update.

Finally got Kass’ car looked at. No major maintenance (yet) which I am majorly surprised at, but at least it got it’s first oil change in 20,000 miles! Finally.

I also got a pedicure- totally needed. Normally I do a basic package or only add on the nail art, but today I treated myself to the next package up, which included a sea-salt scrub/better massage. After working on my feet all the time, it felt really nice. It was my first time at this nail salon, and overall it wasn’t a bad experience. It was just very mediocre. I mean the pedicure felt great and I think she did a good job, but a lot of people, when not working on customers, were hanging out and sitting in the pedicure chairs, putting their feet up etc. I get it’s nice to relax and everything, but by doing that you’re not keeping the place sanitary for customers. I doubt I’ll go back, but at least it was better than the last place, where the girl kept rushing through everything and even got wax on the side of my face when she was doing my eyebrows.

We’re finally headed to Disney this weekend! So after today I probably won’t post anything until we get back. Saturday, when we get there, we’re going to hit up Food and Wine. Sunday I’m working and then we’ll probably hang out in Downtown Disney or at the resort. Monday we’re heading home, but not before we hit up Universal and the new Diagon Alley! Very excited and can’t wait.

So have a magical weekend everyone! Can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get back!


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