Back from Disney!

So we got back from Disney/Universal/Orlando yesterday. Although it was fun, it was a very long and draining weekend. We didn’t get quite enough sleep before driving out Saturday morning. After arriving a little earlier than anticipated, we checked into Port Orleans French Quarter (very pretty and the grounds reminded my boyfriend of Hofstra), and headed over to Epcot for the International Food and Wine Festival. I’m glad we perused the menus online before we went so we were prepared with what we wanted to try and which stands we wanted to avoid. We did sit down for a table service lunch, which although tasted good, we regretted getting. We only went to use cast member coupons that expired at the end of the weekend. That’s what happens when you forget about them for most of the year.

After wondering around, we got tired of the crowds and decided to hit up two of our favorite attractions, Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth (the golf ball), before heading back early. Initially I had wanted to stay late enough to see Illuminations, but we were tired and I can see them a different visit. We did purchase some Food and Wine ears before heading back though! My boyfriend very need to model them. Almost too real, yeah?

Oct 25, 2014- Kass F+W ears

Sunday I worked. It was really nice seeing a bunch of my old coworkers again and back making magic. As usual, I got out late which wouldn’t have been terrible, except I had only been scheduled long enough for a 15 min break, but not for a 45. Therefore no lunch for me. I did grab a protein bar and some chocolate which held me over decently well though.

After work we took the boat down to Downtown Disney and got dinner at Ragland Road. We managed to get a table outside, had some really great food and saw a good Irish rock/cover band. Some of the covers they did were wicked awesome. We tried to get some shopping done but between the chaos of the crowds and how drained I was from work, we decided to head back early. I did get some post cards I’m going to mail out to some old roommates and a new antenna topper for me (my old one broke). At the hotel I picked out some ornaments that I had been eyeing and finally got them. I know ornaments aren’t very Jewish but growing up, I did an American Christmas (my dad and his family aren’t Jewish) and my boyfriend and I plan on doing the same.

Monday we checked out, hit up Starbucks, and headed over to Universal. We played on some Dr. Seuss rides, went to Hogwarts, and wondered around Diagon Alley before getting lunch and heading home.

As much as I love heading back to Orlando and working Disney, I was so drained by the end of it, I couldn’t get to enjoy my trip as much as I wanted to. Having to go back to work for 6am today certainly didn’t help.

Still miss Disney every day though. Don’t miss the craziness of it sometimes though.


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