I have a big announcement to make! I have accepted an administrative assistant position at a local Reform Synagogue! I am leaving Starbucks at the end of the month and will begin my new job in December.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me through this whole process, especially to my boyfriend who has had to deal with this every day. Thank you again to my Baristas. We’ve had a fun time together and I’ll miss you. I’ll stop in every once in a while, don’t you worry.

I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life. Can’t wait!


Big Hero 6

Went out the other night with Cat and Mark and saw Big Hero 6. GAHH IT WAS SO CUTE! I missed a bunch of the Disney/Pixar “Easter eggs” that Cat and Kass saw, but that doesn’t negate its adorableness and well executed-ness. Yes I know that’s not a real word. The art work was very pretty and it was just a well done, family friendly Disney/Pixar movie. Definitely will be a classic (as long as everyone can shut up about Frozen).

To be honest, I don’t think it’s worth seeing multiple times in theater, but definitely will own on Blu-Ray/DVD when it comes out.

Moral of the story: go see it!

Winter Wreath

I made my first wreath! I’ve never made a wreath before and I decide, why not?

I happened to be at Michaels during some pretty awesome sales, so it didn’t cost me too much to make it. Bought 3 different spools of ribbon, some snow flakes, a Styrofoam wreath ring, some pins, fake flowers, and tree branches.

I had almost no idea what I was doing, only drawing inspiration from some wreaths on pinterest. After some fruitless attempts at creating volume, I just started wrapping and gluing the ribbon down almost randomly, eventually topping it off with the flowers, branch, and snowflakes.

By no means is it flawless or “etsy-worthy”, but I don’t think its half bad for a first attempt. Hope you enjoy!


Homemade FrenchFry/Chips!

Easy way to make homemade fries or chips!.

1. Wash and Peel your potatoes

2. Either julienne the potatoes OR use a mandolin to slice your potatoes as thick or thin as you want (I lean towards the thinner side). We used our little hand mandolin so we didn’t have any choices in thickness. Their shape will dictate if they’re more like chips or fries. Taste wonderful either way.

3. Fry in a wok over med/med-high heat (make sure the oil is hot enough first!!). We used vegetable oil.

4. When done in batches, it takes between about 4 1/2 minutes, depending on their thickness.

5. Drain on a cookie sheet covered in paper towels. Salt to taste!





and Chips!

Basic Skin Care 101: Use Products that Work for You!

Today I decided to share my basic skin care regimen. These products work for me and hope to help some of you with them!

I never had bad acne growing up, but would rather get some zits here and there. I would try all these face washes and products, and they would work for a little while and then stop, or wouldn’t work in the way I thought they would. The esthetician that gave me my first (and so far only) facial about a year and a half ago said that the products I had been using were too harsh. My skin didn’t need all those chemicals and scrubs. I just needed a simple skin cleanser and a moisturizer. I wasn’t originally going to take her up on the product she suggested to me, those brands are usually expensive. This time I am so glad I did.

I now use Sothys Morning Cleanser in conjunction with Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. I use the cleanser whenever I shower, though you should use it every morning OR night. Use just a small dab, I use just a little more than the size of a pencil eraser, emulsify in your fingers, and wash your face. Let it sit for a couple minutes before washing off. Once I’m done in the shower, or washing my face, then I use the moisturizer and go about my day.

I find the moisturizer especially important, because it has an SPF of 50. I’m pretty pale, and any extra sun protection I can get is better. I didn’t start using it until I was preparing to move to Florida (thanks mom!) but again I’m so glad I do.

I admit I don’t use my self-made system every day, and it would totally work better if I did. I don’t even use it twice a day, even though the directions on the tube say you should. Instead, I use Target’s Up & Up Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes when I just need a quick cleanse. Usually I was my face with these after work, or before bed, or if I’m wearing a lot of make up, followed by the moisturizer.

I stand by these products because they’ve worked for me (especially Sothys’ Morning Cleanser and the moisturizer). If you have serious health concerns or are unsure if these will work for you, consult your doctor(s) before you try any of these or change your own skin care regimen.

I order the Sothys Morning Cleanser from Amazon. In a year and a half I’ve only gone through 2 bottles (heck I’m still on my second tube!), so even if it’s $20-$30 something a bottle, it’ll last you. The Neutrogena Moisturizer I’ve bought a places like Target, and I think Costco or BJs before. Target’s make up remover towelettes work better for me than the Neutrogena, Olay, or similar ones just because it doesn’t have any of the fragrances or chemicals I’m allergic to.

If you try these products, I hope they work as well for you as they have me!






I don’t watch a lot of shows on Hulu, but in college I had watched the first season of Psycho-Pass, and now Hulu is offering (or starting to offer) the second season! I had started watching it but decided to go back and re-watch the first season because it had been so long. Although Hulu didn’t have all of the first season, Netflix did, which I am extremely grateful for.

Honestly, I forgot how awesome this show was. I love the dynamic between the characters, their banter and thought processes. I am thoroughly entertained by it’s cyclical plot. Ginoza-san falls right into the pattern of behavior and situation both his partner, Kogami-san, and his father Masaoka-san, did that all three of them tried to prevent Ginoza-san falling into. I love how the second season is Tsunemori-san’s test, to see if she will continue the cycle of obsession and eventually falling to the rank of Enforcer, or if she is strong enough to eventually let everything go. Historically, her Psycho-Pass doesn’t cloud easily and her Crime Coefficient is almost unusually stable; that’s part of what makes her so good at her job. She also understands the Sybil System better than anyone alive, due to the instances of the first season, which allows her to do her job better and not rule out various possibilities, regardless of the System’s decision in that moment. She adds the human element in detective work in a technological age. At the same time, it could be that human element that leads her to her downfall. Somehow, I doubt the Sybil System will let that happen completely, because it/they values her too much as an asset.

I love how the series started with Tsunemori-san running in the rain her first night to her first crime scene, Ginoza-san’s speech etc. and how the season ended with Tsunemori-san essentially doing the same thing to new inspector Shimotsuki-san (whom, I just learned from Wikipedia, that she was actually seen earlier in season 1 as a student at Ouryo Academy…I just never made the connection). The scene entertained me as much the second time as it did the first time.

The crux of the second season is, that because she understands the Sybil System, she knows there are people who are criminally asymptomatic, even if their few and far between. If new enemy, Kamui-san, is indeed criminally asymptomatic, we encounter the same issues regarding the Sybil System’s stability and flaws as we did before. But if he’s not, does his Psycho-Pass stay clear because he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong? He think he’s setting everyone free, that he’s doing good, regardless of anyone else’s opinion of him. Therefore, his Psycho-Pass would stay clear as long as he doesn’t worry about what others think of him, wouldn’t it? But this is all operating under the pretense that he can even be sensed/identified by Sybil System. Is he genetically formed differently so that Sybil can’t identify him, or recognize that someone is there, even if they don’t need enforcement? Is he a foreigner, and can’t be identified in the system because of that? Or is it something completely different? I can’t wait to see how it’s explored in the rest of season 2.

I’m glad the professor was brought back in season 2 too, as his insight is incredible.

I hope Kogami-san returns somehow in this second season (or in later seasons in general). I don’t know how, because he is a wanted criminal after all, but his character was so epic in a human sense that it’s a shame to lose him. At the same time, he can’t become a crutch for Tsunemori-san (or Ginoza-san truthfully). And although part of me wishes for romance between the two of them, I’m glad there isn’t, but the tension is there, which makes their relationship phenomenal.

Man I forgot how I loved this show, and damn I’m glad it’s back.

Plus EGOIST does all the ending music, which I love almost as much as the show itself. I’m wicked happy they producers stuck with EGOIST for both season, those songs are damn perfect for the show.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait for more episodes!

Potato Keilbasa Caserole

My boyfriend made a wonderful potato, turkey kielbasa, and cheese casserole (of sorts). He just added that, some non-stick spray, and butter into our baking dish, and baked it to almost perfection.

He used our small hand mandolin to slice the potatoes really thin and stack them sideways. Then we added the turkey kielbasa and cheese on top and baked at 425*F for like an hour or so. The potatoes didn’t quite cook all the way through as much as we (really my boyfriend) would have liked, but cooking sections in a pan the following morning for breakfast was amazing. We’ll definitely try it again and try to work out the kinks so it cooks more thoroughly next time.




Do you all have any advice on how to cook it better? Let me know if you do, because I’d love to try them.