Allergies, cleaning, and work, oh my!

Sorry everyone, my allergies have been killing me and I haven’t updated properly because I couldn’t think straight, let alone type. I think it was brought it by the cold front that came through these parts. I loved the temps but hated the allergens.

Stayed home on Sunday (my day off) to clean and relax for the first time in six weeks. So productive! I mean I’ve had days off in between there but between the Jewish Holidays, festivals, and Disney I haven’t been able to properly relax with my boyfriend in weeks. He cleaned the kitchen and living room a bit, while I tackled [most of the] laundry and the master bed/bath. Afterwards we spent the day relaxing and watching Holmes Inspection on Netflix. Instead of cleaning, we got take out from a new Chinese place that opened up near the supermarket. Conclusion: it was okay. The dumplings were good, but only because they had a good sauce. The wonton soup was alright, just very bland. I had chicken lo mein, which wasn’t anything special. Kass got General Gaos, which was okay at first, but terrible as leftovers apparently. Oh well, it was worth a shot. I didn’t like how we couldn’t use our coupon “on our next order” when we hadn’t ordered from there before. We needed a receipt from a previous transaction with them to use it. First of all- bad customer service. That’s not how coupons phrased that way are typically used. If you need your old receipt to use it, usually something like “15% off with this coupon when you bring in your last receipt” is explicitly stated. I doubt we’ll go there again, especially when we’ve made “take out Chinese food” at home better than what we’ve bought in recent years. Might supplement it with soup and dumplings from a local place though next time we do it.

Our new store manager stared this past week. I really like him so far, and can’t wait for the changes that will come! Even though I’m still actively job hunting. If he gets everyone on the same page, that’ll really help everyone move forward. It’s been almost chaos at our store without a proper manager….seriously I’m tired of it.

I did have my first official coffee tasting though (finally!!!!). We got to try our Thanksgiving Blend and Mary paired it with a pumpkin scone. I’ve determined the coffee is dark, earthy (almost to a point of tasting like mud), and pretty acidic. My palette is initially overwhelmed by the acidity in coffee usually so it’s hard at first to taste the different notes in it. The coffee’s subtle notes were brought out when eat with the scone and/or paired with anything with cinnamon or nutmeg. When eaten that way I actually enjoyed it. Otherwise I was fine not having it.

I caught up with my college roommate finally. Hopefully I’ll see her next week, but it all depends if Kass and I can set up a day trip the Saturday she and Loy will be in Orlando. I also sent postcards to two of my old DCP roommates, to brighten their days, and the care package to my sister/best friend. They should be getting them tomorrow I think.

Yesterday was election day. Part of me wanted to vote, but a couple things stopped me: I’m relatively new to my state and don’t really know the candidates who were running, their platforms, or their histories. I know that could have been solved with research but my other problem is that I feel like I can’t trust most politicians anymore. I’m very torn in my political beliefs because I’m socially liberal for the most part, but I’m disgusted with the US’ foreign policy and their treatment of Israel. I don’t think there are any politicians (at least the ones I can vote for here in Florida) who I can put my faith in to do right by this state, this country, and Israel. By voting, I’d be stating that I support these candidates in their ideas, actions, and political behavior, even if it’s in the lesser of two evils sense. But how can I do that when I’d be compromising on a topic that I care too strongly about? My approach for the time being, I guess, will be to sit back and see how thing play out so that next election, I’ll have a better foundation and more knowledge and can vote more responsibly; I hate it when people vote arbitrarily or ignorantly. I guess I’ll get off my soap box for now.

If you did vote, I hope you’re happy with who you voted for if they won. If your candidate(s) didn’t win, thank you for at least trying to put someone you agree with into power, sticking to your guns, regardless of the opinions of others.\

Later all!


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