Halloween Craft Sign:

I made a BOO sign to put on the door, which is actually something I first saw on Pinterest! I used wooden boards, scrap-booking paper, and ribbon I picked up from Michaels. I super-glued everything together and painted the letters on using a makeup sponge. I would have stenciled it, but my stencils were too small so I free-handed it. We hung it up using a 3M Command Hook attached to the back of the door (upside-down) and tied the hanging ribbon to it. Totally beats nailing anything into any doors, especially when you’re renting.

















We had also gotten this very cute Halloween bucket (from a Marshalls/Homegoods I believe) that fit our giant bag chocolate from BJs perfectly! It’s not as full as it once was (we’ve been eating candy obviously) but we’re definitely holding onto this bucket for a while! But the saddest thing about our Halloween was that there were NO TRICK OR TREATERS!! I made a sign on the back of our door to keep track of how many we got, like my mom did when I was growing up, in order to determine how much candy to buy the following year. However we got none!!!! I was so sad as you can see:





Most people we knew didn’t seem to get a lot of trick or treaters either. Oh well. Hope you at least got some more than us!


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