Fall Fashion

Buzzfeed had a “26 Essential Fall Color Palettes You Need To Try” for this year, posted a couple weeks ago that I wanted to review. So even though I don’t live in the land of sweaters and boots anymore, I can still pretend 😉

1. Grey and Mustard: I mean it works. I’m not the biggest fan of mustard but hey, I guess I can’t knock it until I try it?

2.Olive and Gold: Again, it works but I have a feeling this one will go out really quick.

3. Melon and Teal: I really like it, but it doesn’t scream fall to me.

4. Denim and Wine: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. End of story. Can rock that all fall (and winter truth be told)

5. Tiffany Blue and Brown: Classic and lovely. Also they same colors as my friend’s prom dress. Either way, always works.

6. Mustard and Scarlet: I mean, if you want to DisneyBound as Donald or Daisy Duck, sure, go right ahead. Otherwise I’d recommend staying clear of this color palette.

7. Pink and Camel: All day every day, and all year long. Rock it!

8. Violet and Navy: All fall and all winter. So pretty and classic, and saturated with pigment. Win all around.

9. Black and Pink: Can’t really go terribly wrong with this one can you?

10. Olive and Wine: Very pretty. I don’t know if I could personally pull it off (greens are iffy on me) but if you can, DO IT!

11. Camel and Orange: I like…but not for fall. I mean it works, but it’s more of a spring/summer color set to me.

12. Chambray and Leather: Unless it’s a handbag, shoes, or a nice jacket, I’m not big on the whole leather trend. If you’ve hopped on the leather train, then go for it.

13. Goldenrod and Wine: Again, almost Donald/Daisy Duck-esque, but it’s just off the mark so you’re daring enough, you can probably pull it off.

14. Mint and Purple: I like. Don’t like the outfit they put together for it, but the colors are wonderful together.

15. Pink and Snow: Again, can’t really go wrong with this one.

16. Wine and Leopard: Ehhh. not really into this whole animal print thing, but if you are, it totally will work.

17. Peach and Grey: Pretty, but not remarkable. Not unremarkable, but not noteworthy.

18. Emerald and Mint: I’m not sold on this one to be honest. The emerald washes out the mint, making it look greyish.

19. Camel and Melon: I like, but not for fall. Sorry melon-fans, this one is better in the spring.

20. Black and Blue: Classic. Timeless. Obviously works.

21. Denim and Chartreuse: Why? Seriously Buzzfeed why? Who actually looks good in chartreuse? Nix this one.

22. Pale Pink and Olive: Pretty, classic, timeless again. Can’t go wrong here.

23. Emerald and Black: More winter than fall, but totally works.

24. Mint and Yellow:  I’m not going to say it doesn’t work, because it does. I just don’t really like it. Almost hurts my eyes? Ehh….let’s just say, it’s not my favorite.

25. Mustard and Olive: Works, not my favorite, but it works.

26. Scarlet and Camel: I’m mildly confused by this one….can’t really make up my mind. Maybe about a step or two above Mint and Yellow? But not better by much.

So that’s all for now. Hope you take this to inspire some new classic and ideally timeless staples for your wardrobe this fall. Enjoy that cold for me yeah?