Basic Skin Care 101: Use Products that Work for You!

Today I decided to share my basic skin care regimen. These products work for me and hope to help some of you with them!

I never had bad acne growing up, but would rather get some zits here and there. I would try all these face washes and products, and they would work for a little while and then stop, or wouldn’t work in the way I thought they would. The esthetician that gave me my first (and so far only) facial about a year and a half ago said that the products I had been using were too harsh. My skin didn’t need all those chemicals and scrubs. I just needed a simple skin cleanser and a moisturizer. I wasn’t originally going to take her up on the product she suggested to me, those brands are usually expensive. This time I am so glad I did.

I now use Sothys Morning Cleanser in conjunction with Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. I use the cleanser whenever I shower, though you should use it every morning OR night. Use just a small dab, I use just a little more than the size of a pencil eraser, emulsify in your fingers, and wash your face. Let it sit for a couple minutes before washing off. Once I’m done in the shower, or washing my face, then I use the moisturizer and go about my day.

I find the moisturizer especially important, because it has an SPF of 50. I’m pretty pale, and any extra sun protection I can get is better. I didn’t start using it until I was preparing to move to Florida (thanks mom!) but again I’m so glad I do.

I admit I don’t use my self-made system every day, and it would totally work better if I did. I don’t even use it twice a day, even though the directions on the tube say you should. Instead, I use Target’s Up & Up Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes when I just need a quick cleanse. Usually I was my face with these after work, or before bed, or if I’m wearing a lot of make up, followed by the moisturizer.

I stand by these products because they’ve worked for me (especially Sothys’ Morning Cleanser and the moisturizer). If you have serious health concerns or are unsure if these will work for you, consult your doctor(s) before you try any of these or change your own skin care regimen.

I order the Sothys Morning Cleanser from Amazon. In a year and a half I’ve only gone through 2 bottles (heck I’m still on my second tube!), so even if it’s $20-$30 something a bottle, it’ll last you. The Neutrogena Moisturizer I’ve bought a places like Target, and I think Costco or BJs before. Target’s make up remover towelettes work better for me than the Neutrogena, Olay, or similar ones just because it doesn’t have any of the fragrances or chemicals I’m allergic to.

If you try these products, I hope they work as well for you as they have me!