Musings on Passover

As Pesach draws closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about preparations for it. The cooking, the cleaning, organizing guests. The more I think about it, the lonelier I get. I live in Florida now with my fiancé and we don’t have many Jewish friends here. All my family is back in MA and I can’t afford to take the time off to fly back up. I miss the people, traditions, and fun we would have every year growing up. Especially because I don’t really get to see or experience them anymore. I know it wouldn’t be the same even if I did fly back up because several of my family friends whom I miss terribly have moved around the country and won’t be there regardless.

I’m trying to establish new traditions here and invite the few friends we are close to and/or invite friends who don’t have a seder. I still feel lonely. I worry because I haven’t gotten official rsvps from those we’ve invited and I’m worried it’ll just be the two of us for one, if not both nights. I love my fiancé, but the thought of chag with just the two of us is depressing. He’s not Jewish and is still learning about each holiday as it happens. So the intuition and knowledge isn’t there yet. I belong to a shul here too but don’t feel connected to it.

Last year we had one set of friends over the first night and just the two of us the second night. I honestly don’t remember if I did a proper seder the second night.

Maybe these depressing thoughts are punishment for not going to barre class this week (so I can clean, shop, and cook for Pesach around my work schedule). Any other people experience similar thoughts near Pesach?

I am excited to cook again this year, even if it’s a bit daunting. I found some new dessert recipes I’m interested in but am unsure if I’ll genuinely have time to cook them. Whatever I end up making, I’ll share next week so you can enjoy for the end of your Pesach.

Shabbat shalom v’chag pesach sameach! L’shana haba’ah b’yerushalayim!


Birthday and My Life, a small update

It’s my birthday!! YEAY! My boyfriend is apparently cooking me dinner. We’re also going to go out to the Morikami Japanese Museum and Gardens (again, we go a lot) at some point, but between Yom Kippur this weekend and stuff with my boyfriend’s dad, we’re going to hold off until we have the time to go out properly. He might also have some other things up his sleeve, but those are being kept under wraps for the time being.

We’re also planning on going to Morikami’s annual Lanturn festival in mid-October. So excited! We also finally booked our tickets to head back to Disney for Epcot’s Food and Wine festival and so I can pick up some hours at Magic Kingdom. GAHH CAN’T WAIT! FINALLY HAPPENING!

Basically October is going to be epic.

I also got to catch up with my Rebbetzin, which I really needed. Beyond being a great friend, I am so thankful I can turn to her for advice in dealing with various situations and she’s always willing to listen. Between job hunting and ill friends, I am happy, relieved, and grateful that she has my back and knows what I need to hear.

Finally to end my post, I totally just had the best snack a few minutes ago that I needed to share with all of you: a sliced honey-crisp apple dipped/drizzled with honey. So perfect and emotionally satisfying, especially during this Rosh Hashanah.

Happy new year everyone and g’mar chatimah tova!