And All Good Things Must Come to an End…Sort of.

Hi everyone, long time no see.

Lots of things have happened the last four months but these are the two most important ones:

1. After 11 months and 6 days since moving to Florida, my Disney College Program has officially ended. My friends who aren’t/can’t extend have either moved back home or found an apartment. Thus ends a major chapter. I, personally, have gone seasonal (which should go into effect today or tomorrow according to someone I talked to at scheduling) so I can pick up shifts whenever I want/can and still receive the benefits of working for the Walt Disney Company. I’m still at ODF so Magic Kingdom is still my home 🙂

2. My boyfriend and I have officially decided to move in together! We have been approved for an apartment in the Ft Lauderdale area and we’re taking possession of it in like 2 weeks. He’s going to move in over the course of that week and then fly up here the 23rd and we’re driving my stuff down the following week. This means I can work up until then with whatever hours I pick up at work while still having a flexible schedule to pack, play, and hangout with some visiting family. I’ve been applying for a few jobs but haven’t heard back much (I did get two polite emails saying “thank you but we’ve found someone else.” Even though I didn’t get the jobs, I’m glad they let me know). My plan A is to get an administrative job at someplace like local college or university so I can work full time, with the possibility (in future semesters) of taking classes towards either a second BA or prerequisites for my Masters. I’ve come to accept that I probably won’t move with a job secured, but it will be easier to get a job once I’m already down there. Hopefully I’ll have one within a couple of weeks. Obviously I’m open to working outside a of higher education, but that would be ideal.

With this move, it means Sydney, Karlie and I are looking for someone to take over my name on the lease, which we’re running out of time. Karlie is also possibly moving back home so we’re searching for someone to take her name too (just in case). I’m tired of Sydney’s ridiculousness anyways and it’ll be nice not having roommates, but rather living with my boyfriend. Our toilet just broke here anyways (none of us have any idea how it happened) and maintenance still hasn’t come (almost 3 days later) to fix it yet. It’s been interesting living here to say the least, but it’s time for me to move on. What sucks about the move is I just changed my license and plates etc. to Florida and now I have to redo it. Plus my dad lost is job recently so now I have to hunt for a job/health insurance that much harder (because I was covered by his health insurance). We’ll both make it work.

Now that my boyfriend and I are moving in together, we’re trying to figure out ways to save money. We’ve decided against getting cable (for now) because we have HULU Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and plan on getting Crunchyroll. Basically between all of those we have 90% of our TV needs met and won’t need cable. We’re also planning on getting furniture from City Furniture’s sale/discount/resale section. We don’t need a lot because we have some stuff already but this way we can get a higher quality piece that’ll last longer. Nothing against IKEA but we don’t want to live in an IKEA ad. My parents are shipping some stuff down to us (mostly just cook wear) so we won’t need to furnish an entire kitchen which will be awesome.

Still, does anyone have any ideas on how to save money in general? I want to start couponing but it’s a little daunting (especially because I always forget my coupons when I have them) and depending on what’s nearby we want to get a membership to Costco or BJs to buy in bulk and save money there. But, we’re also dealing with some credit card debt, a lot of student loan debt, normal bills like rent and utilities, renter’s insurance (which we’re working out with my parents, in addition to my car insurance and phone). My boyfriend also has his starter business that he puts money towards, and both of us will have general commuting expenses like gas. We’ll be buying food out a lot less frequently now that we’ll be living together which will be huge savings (because my boyfriend buys out constantly because he can’t really utilize his parent’s kitchen). Still, anyone have ideas how we can save money on things from groceries to decorating etc? Any help would be appreciated, especially because I won’t have consistent income initially.

So it’s a crazy transition time and I’ve been putting all my pent up anxiety and energy into Pinterest. Literally have been sitting on my computer, on Pinterest, while watching HGTV, basically all day. No regrets. I need a time to relax/defrag especially because yesterday I took care of some things like dropping off the last of my costuming items and buying some cast merch.

So, now that I’ve taken a break from Pinterest to update you all a bit on my life, I’m going to go back to it. Have fun everyone, stay safe.
Let’s make magic.