Title Trivet

I made a tile trivet!

Several months ago my boyfriend bought some tile because we were going to inlay it in our dining room table when we were re-staining it. Due to the nature of our table, it’s from IKEA and therefore mostly particle board, and the ambitiousness of this project, we decided to forgo it. So instead I glued, using my new hot glue gun that my boyfriend got me for my birthday, the tile onto some felt, and now we have a trivet to put hot dishes and pots/pans on!

I think it came out alright. What do you think?


Do you remember how I made a menu box for all of our takeout menus? Well I also used this opportunity to add some felt to the back of it so it can slide along our coffee table and not scratch it.

So that’s my newest crafting excursion. Quick, simple, and practical.

Have you made one too? How did it come out? If not, go out and make one! You can (almost) never have too many trivets.


One thought on “Title Trivet

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